Rehoboth Smoke Detector

Rehoboth Smoke Detector

Our smoke detector is a domestic photoelectric smoke detector with LoRaWan compliance. It is a battery alarm. This alarm uses photoelectric sensing alarm sensing technology. It has a detector head and mounting base design. It does not require any wiring. The practical design increases efficiency, saves installation time, cuts costs and extends life safety and property protection.

Features of Rehoboth Smoke Detector :

Rehoboth Smart Hybrid Protocol

Smoke Alarm (Hybrid-Electrical) supports Rehoboth Smart Hybrid protocol

Quick Alert

Alert people to potential fire dangers by detecting the presence of smoke.

High Precision

With high-precision, the device emit red light when it detects a fire alarm.

Simple to Install

Easy cable-free installation

Reminder Alert

The device sends alarm data to the platform to remind relevant personnel on the site to deal solve it.

Self-Test Function

With self test function, the device can be verified to work over long periods of inactivity. 

Low Batt Warning

Low battery voltage warning functions are available.

Ideal for Many

Ideal for residential buildings, schools, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants, factories and etc.

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