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How i-Alert Works?

Noticing an emergency situation or a potential threat, SOS button is triggered station by staff.
Station staff can trigger Police, Ambulance, Bomba. Police station & police command centre are also notified simultaneously.
Owner, manager and neighboring community are also notified through system.
Neighboring retail outlets are informed of the incident through SMS, coming over to help. Promoting Community Safety Policing.

Are your part of this corporate family?

In the case of an emergency you and your neighbour has a much higher chance to help each other. After all, they are the nearest to you at any point of time, especially when compared to authorities who could be coming from afar. Our experience in community building has opened our eyes to develop one of the most efficient emergency team, together with your neighbours.

Aside from proximity, they are also much more invested to protect the neighbourhood from misfortune. A much safer community can be built through the strength of the community together with the authorities. i-Alert equips the community and the authorities to act together to fight crime, through various projects like Dickson Lane at SS25. Dickson Lane was named after assault on Dickson Wong who passed away due to the assault Oct 26, 2013. With iAlert, SS25 becmase the safest area in Pertaling jaya instead of being the highest crime rate in P.J. (Statement of SAR team of SS25)

Panic button

More than 80% of Shell stations with iAlert system is testimony of is its community safety capacity which is further confirmed by the Shell management on its effectiveness in reducing crime.

Cashier Button

Our SOS or Panic button is the first point to go to whenever there is an emergency or accident. 

Actual drills performed with our clients. This helps to enhance our customer's awareness and improve the community bonding with the authorities.

Asked Questions

What is GTSP program?

Go-to-Safety-Point" (GTSP) is a program initiated by PDRM for community policies in collaboration with the public sectors in preventing crimes and providing emergency assistance. Under the GTSP service, public can seek help and assistance at any GTSP participating  petrol station nationwide in case of emergency. Currently majority of Shell stations are participating in the program. 

Why should I be part of the GTSP program?

When you are part of the GTSP, it will enable your company to get assistance from many sources, including your neighbours and authorities. The rapid response community will help increase the safety of the neighbourhood. The participation is receiving support from the local authorities where police, bomba and ambulance providers converge to help members overtime it serves as a deterrent to crime, hence lowering the crime rate.
Excerpt from Sin Chew Jit Poh, a local chinese newspaper "Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd's Convenience Retailing and Lubes Team Leader Badrul H Mahmud said, only 27 robberies were recorded at Shell petrol stations in the Klang Valley last year, compared with 104 in 2009"

How many panic buttons are required per outlet?

We normally advise our clients to get three panic buttons and they will be installed at various positions in each outlet at strategically placed locations.

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