Rehoboth Motion Sensor

Rehoboth Motion Sensor

Our motion sensor helps to trigger the alarm whenever there is motion detected. This is a great addon to homes when they would like to alarm themselves of intrustion. Ideal to be turned on in areas like gardens or back door, after dark, our motion sensor can sense up to 3 meters of motion. This wide range of detection, allows the device to cover a large area upon installation.

Features of Rehoboth Motion Sensor : 

Wireless Alarm

It is a wireless infrared alarm.

Detect Intrusion

When an intruder passes through the monitoring area and moves dynamically, an alarm signal will be sent to the monitoring platform immediately.

Real Time Management

Users can perform real-time management with this device.

Smart Hybrid

Motion sensor adopts Rehoboth Smart Hybrid technology and supports Rehoboth Smart Hybrid protocol.

Real Time Alarm

Support wireless remote real time alarm

Flexible Installation

Ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted installation.

Wide Detection

Detecting distance 8-10m.


Support anti-dismantle alarm, low power alarm, provide status report.

Long Life

Built-in 8000mAh battery with 1 year and above lifespan.

Extreme Temperature Tolerance

Working temperature: -10°C~55°C.

Ideal for Many

Ideal for the security of family residential area, villa, workshop, market, warehouse, office building and etc.

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