Rehoboth Gas Detector

Rehoboth Gas Detector

Our gas detector is a domestic photoelectric gas detector with LoRaWan compliance. It is a battery alarm. This alarm uses photoelectric sensing alarm sensing technology. It has a detector head and mounting base design. It does not require any wiring. The practical design increases efficiency, saves installation time, cuts costs and extends life safety and property protection.

Features of Rehoboth Gas Detector:

Wireless Alarm

Reliable wireless transmission through telco network

gas detection sensor

Built-in gas detection sensor.

Low power consumption

High detection accuracy

Rehoboth Smart Hybrid

When there is gas leakage and concentration of the gas is up to the threshold value, the device will send alarm data. The information will transmit through Rehoboth Smart Hybrid to cloud platform.

data processing

With data processing and analysis at the cloud platform, it can achieve real-time monitoring.

Money Saver

It saves money and life with reducing accidents by gas leakage monitoring.

Ideal for Any

Ideal for kitchens, school canteen, factory canteen, hotel restaurants and other application scenarios

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