Rehoboth Panic Button

Rehoboth Panic Button

Our one-click SOS wireless alarm, when the personnel confirms the occurrence of dangerous events such as terrorist attacks, fires, explosions, and stampedes, press the manual button to trigger the alarm signal to be transmitted wireless and remotely to the monitoring platform, so that the monitoring personnel can timely know the alarm message and take measures.

Features of Rehoboth Panic Button:

Rehoboth Smart Hybrid technology

SOS Button adopts Rehoboth Smart Hybrid technology and supports Rehoboth Smart Hybrid protocol.

SOS button

Press the SOS button when you are in an emergency situation, the alarm signal will send through wireless transmission to the monitoring platform and security can be deployed in time.

long-distance transmission

It needs simple networking, long-distance transmission and low power consumption.

built-in high capacity battery

With (Built-in 8000mAh battery)


Wireless and easy for installation.


Support low power alarm.

Ideal for Many

Ideal for residential homes, schools, hospitals, banks, depots, stores, hotels and other facilities.

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